Round It Up America

Transforming the Industry's Role in Every Day Giving

While the individual donations may be nominal, their collective sum is powerful. Participating restaurants select up to three charities of their choice to receive a portion of the funds raised.

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rvm-2013-11Here’s how it works: Patrons round up their credit card purchases at participating restaurants, called mission partners. Round It Up America corporate collects donations from the restaurants once per month. Then Round It Up America distributes those donations quarterly to the charities chosen by the restaurants.

Read the Fall 2013 edition of Restaurantville Magazine for a closer look at how Round It Up America works.

Six percent of all donations made in Texas are designated directly to the TRA Education Foundation Texas ProStart program.

riua-piechart 75% Flexible Giving – Mission Partner selects up to three non-profit organizations as grant recipients.
10% American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund
6% ProStart® Programs
7% Administrative and Fund Management Fees
2% Credit Card Interchange Fees (optional for Mission Partner to recover fees)

For more information visit or contact Sandy Mitschke at 800-395.2872.