Employee Notification

You must notify employees hired between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2013 at the time of hiring and for employees hired in 2014, within 14 days of hiring. While it isn't required by law, the Texas Restaurant Association encourages members to keep a record that they've notified their employees.

There is a great deal of confusion about the individual mandate and what exactly the market places (exchanges) are. We know you will want to sit down with your employees to give them as much information as possible as you provide them with the required notification. Here are the basics:

Once your employees understand their responsibilities under the individual mandate, explain whether you as an employer have chosen to provide or not provide coverage. The provide them with the correct form to comply with the employee notification requirement and have them sign a form acknowledging that they've received the notification.

Department of Labor Notification for employers NOT offering coverage

English  |  Spanish

Department of Labor Notification for employers OFFERING coverage

English  |  Spanish

Once your employees receive the DOL notification, have them sign the Acknowledgement of Notification and keep that signed form in their employee file.

Acknowledgement of Notification

If you would like to manage your employee notification online, the National Restaurant Association developed an online Notification Tool that is available FREE to members to help you meet this requirement.

Which ever option you choose, you have until October 1 to comply. 

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